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Baseline Poll

A Baseline Poll with Change Research provides a first round of insights into perceptions of a candidate, ballot measure, cause, or message. Baseline polls are mid-sized polls, offering a variety of head-to-head and issue questions.

Snapshot Poll

Snapshot is the fastest way to poll—offering results in just 3-5 days. It’s a new, streamlined polling service designed for speed and cost savings, allowing campaigns to move faster, poll more often, and make smarter decisions than the opposition.

Snapshot polls are short, use a standard instrument, and are designed to focus on the horse race, favorability, and top issues. Snapshot can be used to get a quick read on a race, or as an affordable way to track how things are shifting over time. 

Tracking Polls

Change Research tracking polls are two-or-more polls that measure changes over time in perceptions, voting intentions, or other public opinion metrics. Tracking Polls help to determine the effects over time of campaign messaging and current events, and aid causes and campaigns in making strategic decisions about managing those shifts. A tracking poll is of short- or medium length.

Messaging Poll

A Change Research Messaging Poll helps to decide and refine campaign or advocacy messaging tactics and gain a scientific understanding of the most influential arguments and creative treatments, and identify the “words that work” to persuade an audience. A Messaging Poll is a long poll and reaches a large sample size, with the ability to A/B test messages (including creative assets like photo ads or videos), and analyze open-ended responses.


Dynamic Online Sampling Engine

Change Research’s patent-pending Dynamic Online Sampling Engine gives researchers access to a self-correcting cross-section of respondents that best reflects the electorate or other population being surveyed. If ever one demographic group or population responds at a higher or lower rate than the poll seeks to survey, the Dynamic Online Sampling Engine automatically adjusts its targeting and corrects for the imbalance.

Geographic Targeting

Change Research uses a variety of techniques, including geotargeting within electoral districts, zip codes, and geographic boundaries, as well as drawing from the Voter File, to target survey respondents, ensuring accurate and cost-effective polling of small geographies and oddly-drawn districts.

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