Fast, accurate, and affordable.

We field online polls quickly and accurately at a low price point. We recruit new participants for every poll. And we are constantly innovating.

“Change Research has been and remains an essential part of my campaign. They provide both accuracy and strategic advice, and surpass expectations again and again.”

– Rep. Lauren Underwood (IL-14)

“Change Research has given the NDRC an opportunity to poll large of waves of concurrent polls in a wide variety of state legislative districts throughout the country, at an affordable rate.”

– Claire Low, Targeting and Analytics Director, NDRC

“Change Research stands out as a pollster with a willingness to innovate. We have gone back to them again and again.”

–, Eli Il-Yong Lee and Sandra Wechsler

“Having surveyed tens of thousands of Latinos in key states with growing Latino populations, down to specific counties, Change Research is our best partner to understand national trends and how they apply to this cohort of voters.”

– Maria Teresa Kumar, President and CEO of VotoLatino

“Change Research successfully predicted victory within 0.5 percentage points. Change allowed us the ability to actually show voters the videos and get their real-time feedback. In addition to the poll being increasingly time & cost efficient, the ability to test TV ads was critical.”

– Emily Lamont, Senior Advisor, Ned for CT

Teen Vogue & Change Research Midterm Vibe Check

Teen Vogue & Change Research Midterm Vibe Check

On behalf of Teen Vogue, Change Research surveyed 1,173 registered voters under the age of 35 to understand how this ascendant voting bloc is thinking about the upcoming election and the issues facing the country. This survey is the second in a series of national...

Ilhan for Congress: Primary Results

Change Research, a national research firm that has conducted more than 2,000 polls of over 3 million people since 2017, surveyed likely Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) primary election voters in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, May 27-June 3, 2022. A total of 754...

The record speaks for itself

Change Research gives you data and insights with our unique methodology.

The only pollster showing Mike Franken leading the Iowa Democratic senatorial primary

The most accurate polling of the San Francisco District Attorney recall

In 2020, we conducted 27 polls for U.S. Senate races. Our average error in these polls was 5.7, while the average error of over 500 Senate polls aggregated by FiveThirtyEight was 6.1.

Uniquely accurate in down-ballot races

Why Change Research?

Voters have changed. It’s time polling strategy did too.

Intelligent geolocating
to keep insights relevant

Find voters where they are – on their devices

A fraction of the cost of typical polling solutions

Digestible and clarifying
action oriented reports

Spend less time sifting data, more time winning

Candidate Feature

Lauren Underwood, U.S. Rep in IL-14

Lauren Underwood was a registered nurse and career public servant at the Department of Health and Human Services until she pulled off an upset against a 4-term Congressman. Change Research polling helped her campaign:

  • Identify issues that mattered most to undecided voters and the counties with the greatest number of undecided voters
  • Quickly concentrate efforts in the final weeks of the campaign

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You’re in good company

Change Research works with forward-thinking organizations nationwide.

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