Magnify AI Targeting

Take the guesswork out of identifying your target audience.

Stop wasting time and money on the wrong voters.

In order to win, it’s critical that you’re talking to the right people. Targeting models provide campaigns and advocacy organizations with a list of the exact individual voters to focus on reaching.

With Magnify AI Targeting, Change Research is making custom targeting models, previously only available to the largest campaigns and organizations, available to everyone.

NEW: Change Research also offers hyper-affordable off-the-shelf targeting models that are more nuanced and comprehensive than models typically available in platforms like VAN.

Magnify AI Targeting is a groundbreaking and innovative new technology, enabled by AI and drawing on Change Research’s database of 250,000,000 survey data points.


Use Magnify AI Targeting to: 


Identify and target persuadable voters in your specific race


Target ads, mail, and field based on which voters will find specific messaging most convincing


Model candidate, issue, or ballot measure support to optimize GOTV 


Identify voters who are particularly motivated by a particular issue, or hold cross-pressured opinions on issues like abortion.

Claire Feinberg, Organizing Director, Franken for Iowa

“The modeling helped effectively target voters who were otherwise left out of our data. That was really exciting and I hadn’t had that opportunity before.”

Custom targeting models

In the past, custom targeting models had to be built from surveys of thousands of respondents, putting them out of reach for most campaigns. Magnify AI Targeting uniquely allows you to translate findings from your Change Research poll into accurate custom models and targeting scores with as few as 500 respondents.

Off-the-shelf targeting models

For an even faster and more affordable approach to voter targeting, choose from Change Research’s library of pre-trained models. Change Research’s off-the-shelf models are more up-to-date, nuanced, actionable, and comprehensive than the generic models that tend to be available in platforms like VAN.  

Available Off-the-Shelf Models

Nuanced abortion opinion
Which of the following statements comes closest to your views:
  • I am personally against abortion, but I do not believe government should prevent a woman from making that decision for herself
  • I personally believe having an abortion is wrong and should be illegal
  • I personally support a woman’s right to abortion and believe it should be legal and available
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Trump/Biden “Double Haters”

Disapprove for both “How favorable are your feelings about each of the following? – Joe Biden” and “How favorable are your feelings about each of the following? – Donald Trump”

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Biden job soft disapprovers
  • “Do you approve or disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing as President?”
  • “Neutral”, “Not sure,” or “Somewhat disapprove,” as the choice

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Likely donors for specific issues

“If you were asked, would you donate $20 or more in support of any of the following?”

  • Fighting climate change
  • Electing Democrats
  • Protecting abortion rights
  • Gun safety
  • A housing or commercial development in your area
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Protecting LQBTQ+ rights
  • Cannabis legalization

(Each issue is a unique model)

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Trump approval

“How favorable are your feelings about each of the following? – Donald Trump”

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Biden job approval

“Do you approve or disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing as President?”

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2024 presidential vote choice (Biden v. Trump)
  • “If the 2024 election for President were held today, who would get your vote?”
  • “Donald Trump, the Republican/Joe Biden, the Democrat/Not sure”

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2020 presidential vote choice

“If the 2020 election for President were held today, who would get your vote?”

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“What is your race?”

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Solar energy development support

“Do you support or oppose a solar energy project in your community?”

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Wind energy development support

Do you support or oppose a wind energy project in your community?

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“When considering politics and government, do you think of yourself as:”

  • Progressive, Liberal, Moderate, Conservative

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On the roadmap

Help us prioritize which additional models to offer in 2024 by putting in a request for the models that interest you:

Topical Issue Models:

  • Labor
  • Immigration
  • Housing
  • Education

2024 Generic Congressional Vote Choice
Split-Ticket Voters
Downballot Roll-Off

Likelihood to take an action:

  • Volunteer
  • Contact a Legislator
  • Donate
  • Etc

And more!

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Learn about Magnify AI Targeting:

  • How to use it: Understand different ways campaigns deploy modeled targets to eke out the votes they need to win.
  • What makes it different: Learn how it works, why it’s less expensive than other custom models, and why it’s better than generic targeting scores available in platforms like VAN.
  • What our clients think: Hear from a recent client that used Change Research’s polling and modeled targets.