Gain rich insights and seamlessly turn them into action. Our affordable pricing makes it possible to gain more insight, more often and stay ahead of the competition.





Custom Polling

Custom polls help clients understand public sentiment, choose the most effective and compelling messages, and guide campaign strategy. Every poll has a unique set of online respondents, at a fraction of the cost of legacy methods.

Creative Testing

Integrate creative testing into any poll as a cost-effective way to understand how respondents react to content before investing significantly in mailers and digital/TV/radio ads. Surveys can feature multiple videos, radio spots, and images.

Qualitative Polls

Surface underlying attitudes and identify emerging trends with qualitative polls, which are made up almost entirely of open-ended questions. Qualitative Polls are analyzed using artificial intelligence, allowing you to get the benefit of qualitative research with the scale of quantitative polling.

Spark Polls

Starting at just $6,000, Spark Polls leverage standardized questionnaires that can be deployed quickly at the same level of quality you’ve come to expect from our team—at an even more affordable price.

Magnify AI Targeting

In order to win, it’s critical that you’re talking to the right people. Magnify AI Targeting helps you save time and money by identifying the exact individual voters you need to reach. Magnify AI Targeting makes custom targeting in smaller geographies accessible and affordable for the first time ever. Leveraging groundbreaking and innovative new technology, quickly and easily get modeled targeting lists based on the already-affordable polling you do with Change Research—at a fraction of the typical price.

Voices Qualitative Research

For too long, the qualitative research industry has been stuck in a rut, relying on traditional focus groups instead of new methods that work better. Our services are fast, dynamic, tech-forward, and personalized.

Voices Chat

Chat reaches participants where they are—on their phone and on the move. Texting allows for casual, nimble conversions that are mutually beneficial: participants have their voices heard while we receive a deep and unfiltered account of American public opinion.

Voices IDI

IDI brings the traditional in-depth-interview into the future. They’re the perfect solution when you need to have a thorough conversation or to see how a participant reacts, all while avoiding the pitfalls of a focus group.

We can maintain a relationship with Chat or IDI respondents and go back to them over time to track changes in opinion or get dynamic feedback on content or issues.

Dynamic Online sampling is used for participant recruitment for both services, ensuring you’re reaching fresh and on-target participants every time.