Ballot Measure Viability Poll

Establish a baseline quickly, with minimal investment.

Accurate polling at a fraction of the price.

Spark is a new product offering of standardized polls that can be deployed quickly at the same level of quality you’ve come to expect from our team—at an even more affordable price.

Spark Ballot Measure Polls from Change Research allow ballot measure campaigns and the organizations that support them to understand the state of support for the measure, get data to help fundraise, and shape the narrative quickly and with minimal investment.

Each Spark Ballot Measure Poll asks the same optimal set of questions combined with your election details such as the precise ballot measure language, thus giving you answers specific to the election being polled.

Prices for Ballot Measure Polls start at as low as $6,000 for an even-year general election.

To learn more about pricing for your race, please request a quote. Bulk discounts available.

Simulate the Ballot-Box Experience


In the old days, live callers would read ballot language over the phone, or synthesize complex measures into a digestible—but incomplete—summary. But it’s often hard for voters to understand questions over the phone, especially if they are worded in confusing or long-winded ways.

Change Research reaches voters where they are—on their devices. Voters take the survey online, which allows them to read the ballot measure language in full, exactly as it will appear on Election Day.


Voters are more favorable towards public policies presented to them over the phone than they are at the ballot box. When engaging with campaign callers, voters may feel pressure to provide biased, socially desirable answers.

The anonymity of online polling allows voters to express how they genuinely feel without the fear of being judged, and helps campaigns minimize discrepancies that inflate support for/against proposed legislation.


Ballot measure support can change rapidly as voters gain awareness and hear new arguments. Spark polls are priced to allow you to poll multiple times to track the race closely.

How Spark works


Provide key details.


Contract, draft, go!


Stay updated.


Results in 3-5 days.

What’s included in Spark: Ballot Measure Polling?

Survey Template

Each ballot measure poll follows the following template:

  • 8 Standard demographic and party ID questions
  • 1 Vote motivation question
  • 1 Favorability question
  • 1 Question about respondents’ top issues
  • 1 Uninformed ballot measure question using the full text of the measure
  • 1 Informed ballot measure support question following arguments for and against the measure

The favorability battery, ballot measure text, and arguments for and against are specific to your race and geography. The top issues favorability matrix can also be customized if desired.


You will receive a set of crosstabs, a toplines memo, and a brief overview of key findings.

Additional services such as a strategy memo, pollster readout, or a public-facing memo are available for an additional cost.

Yes on 802, oklahoma medicaid expansion

“We were making critical adjustments to our field and digital targeting based on that information – which proved crucial for our victory on Election Night.”

university of maine

“The opportunity for a historic $49 million investment in our public university campuses was one we couldn’t afford to lose. Change Research delivered, and the final votes to win were almost exactly as they predicted.“‘

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