Payment Terms


If you’ve reached this page, you are likely paying for a Change Research poll by credit card. Thanks for using this quick and easy method of payment. If you have questions at any time about your invoice or payment, please contact [email protected].

These payment terms and conditions applies to work paid by credit card through If any terms and conditions here overlap or conflict with what you and Change Research have agreed in the Service Order Agreement, Statement of Work or other Agreement you have signed with Change Research will supersede anything here.

This terms and conditions sets forth the obligations and conditions between you and Change Research, Public Benefit Corporation, relating to your use of our Products and Services.

Client shall pay for the services furnished by Change Research in accordance with the charges on the Service Order Agreement, Statement of Work, or other Agreement, typically within five (5) days of the date of Change Research’s invoice unless otherwise specified or agreed directly. Clients may submit in writing to [email protected] any requests for an exception to this typical payment term.

If Clients choose to pay by credit card, a small fee for credit card processing will be automatically added on to your final payment due.

REFUNDS: In the event that the Sample Size for a particular poll is not met, the Client’s fees will be prorated based on that poll’s Sample Size. For instance, if the Sample Size for the poll is 90% of the requested sample size, the client will be refunded 10% of the fees agreed upon in the signed agreement.

In the event Client fails to pay Change Research all amounts which become due under the Service Agreement or fails to perform its obligations hereunder, and Change Research refers such matter to an attorney or collection agency, Client agrees to pay, in addition to the amounts due, any and all costs incurred by Change Research as a result of such action, including reasonable attorneys’ or service agencies’ fees.