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In 2021, Change Research launched a nonpartisan unit: Embold Research. 

Embold helps leaders in government, industry, and nonprofits get big things done faster and more effectively.

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Leaders in every sector  are under pressure to get big things done, quickly and effectively. With limited time and resources, the savviest leaders use public opinion data to help them focus on actions that have the greatest potential for impact. 

Embold Research uses that same, accurate methodology and technology to provide actionable insight on issues where public opinion transcends partisan ideology. 

Our fresh approach and affordable prices make it possible for all kinds of leaders to hear from everyday people, uncover blind spots, and steer their organizations toward better decisions.

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Why work with Embold Research:


Public Sector

Engage a truly representative set of residents. We meet people where they are and deliver a representative sample of everyday people—not just the loudest or most organized voices. Emboldwill make it easier to listen to people who are hard to reach and who have long been underrepresented in public decisionmaking.

Private Sector

Move resources with confidence. Understand what kind of products and resources people want and need, and how they think about your brand, the economy, and your role in their communities. Our data scientists go deeper on what drives people to make the decisions they do, to help leaders prioritize actions that have the greatest potential for impact. 

Nonprofits and Foundations

Make smart investments in programs that people need. Understand the communities you serve, their wants and needs, and how you can make the greatest impact on their lives. We make it affordable for nonprofits to understand what people want and how best to communicate with them, while leaving more room in your budget for taking action.

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