National Omnibus Poll

Change Research fielded a national omnibus poll of 1208 voters, including 404 likely 2024 presidential Republican primary voters, from April 28th-May 2nd, 2023. The results are highlighted below.

2024 Presidential Primary 

Donald Trump has opened up significant leads in recent polls of the GOP presidential primary. But our new polling shows that Trump’s lead is less firm than the margins suggest.

Instead of asking GOP primary voters to choose just one candidate, we asked them to choose ALL the candidates they approve of – a system of voting called Approval Voting.

The results show that just about as many GOP voters would choose DeSantis as would choose Trump.

Overall, 75% would vote for Trump on an approval voting ballot, while 67% would vote for DeSantis – both far higher than any other likely candidate. These numbers make it clear that, even if Trump is currently more voters’ preferred candidate in a head-to-head match-up, DeSantis is still quite popular and should not be written off.

Read the full analysis here.


A majority of Americans believe that Justice Clarence Thomas should resign as a result of accepting lavish gifts from billionaire Harlan Crow, with 56% saying he should resign – including 60% of independent voters and 16% of Republicans along with 91% of Democrats.

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Gender-affirming care is an important and politically challenging topic.

On Friday, May 12, we held a webinar to discuss findings on recent research we independently conducted about US voters’ attitudes toward gender-affirming care. We shared an invitation to the webinar with everyone on our mailing list, with a particular hope that we could help inform organizations with an interest in protecting minors’ access to gender-affirming care.

Our efforts to keep this briefing private were made in good faith, in an effort to avoid the sensationalizing of scientific research findings. 

Because the findings were partially published despite our efforts, we are making the choice to transparently release the full findings, in the interest of advancing a nuanced and accurate understanding of what the data say.

Change Research’s mission is to make the world more humane, scientific, and just.