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Progressive organizations and Democratic campaigns are going to spend a couple hundred million dollars on research this cycle. Most of the insights from all of that spending will only ever be seen by a few people in the first place, and will basically get thrown away on November 6th. 

What a waste, right? 

Meanwhile, small organizations that can’t afford polling have to go without. But what if they could get data-backed insights instantly without commissioning a poll? 

What if campaigns and organizations could spend their money on polling that builds on what’s already known?

What if those insights were really easy to understand and put into action? 

What if we could see trends in the massive constellation of data being gathered? 

The movement is wasting time, money, and energy. But it doesn’t have to be like that. 

Change Research has been saving all of the quarter-billion data points that we’ve collected. Our new portal allows you to access, understand, and act on the findings in all of that data. 

You can easily draft materials like talking points and campaign plans without having to scroll through any crosstabs. 

With this tool, the movement is going to be smarter, stronger, and able to move more quickly by having instant access and easy to absorb synthesis of the wealth of knowledge you’re all investing in.

No more wasted data. 

If you’d like to test this out while it’s free, fill out this form today.

Request beta access to Change Research's new data portal

* indicates required