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Below are highlights of our most recent learnings and analyses on three topics that will define the 2024 election cycle: women’s rights, the economy, and young voters’ perspectives.

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‘F—You, Pay Me’: Women on Fear, Freedom and Feminism

What can pop culture, and specifically social media, tell us about women’s realities? It turns out: a lot. A recent poll from Change Research, released two years after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision leaked to the press, shows that women feel less valued than men and feel that their rights are slipping away. But the differences in how men and women see women in the U.S.—the challenges that women face—are enormous. Paradoxically, some women, including nearly one in three women under 35, are eschewing feminism and instead want to see a return to more traditional gender and domestic roles.

Communicating in the “Bad Vibes” Economy

We sought to disentangle bad trends from bad vibes and to assess voters’ economic priorities and perceptions of which parties value those priorities. This memo offers guidance on how to contextualize, interpret, and respond to voters’ economic anxieties and priorities ahead of the 2024 presidential election. 

What you need to know about Gen Z and Millennial Voters:

Change Research, led by a project team of Gen Z and Millennial pollsters, conducted a poll of 1,033 voters between the ages of 18 to 34. Our survey found that young voters, regardless of educational attainment, are experiencing significant economic stress ranging from covering an unexpected $100 expense, to foundational middle class goals, like buying a house or having children. Learn more about their experiences and perspectives.

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