CNBC States of Play Battleground Poll Tables, Oct 2-4, 2020

CNBC States of Play Poll Tables

Change Research Poll: October 2-4 2020

Change Research conducted a poll of 2,688 likely voters October 2-4, 2020 across 6 competitive battleground states: Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. A companion national survey of 2,167 likely voters was also conducted October 2-4, 2020. The margin of error, as traditionally calculated, is ±1.79% for the battleground and ±2.11% for the national poll. Change Research reaches voters via targeted online ads that point people to an online survey instrument. Our Dynamic Online Sampling establishes and continuously rebalances advertising targets across region, age, gender, race, and partisanship to dynamically deliver large samples that accurately reflect the demographics of a population. Post stratification was done on state, gender, age, race, education, and 2016 presidential vote. This is the 15th in a series of bi-monthly battleground state and national surveys that CNBC & Change Research will conduct in 2020.