Black Lives Matter—Our Statement of Solidarity

Dear friends,

Black Lives Matter.

To those in Minneapolis demanding justice for the murder of George Floyd, we stand with you.

To those protesting across the nation and the world demanding action to end racist, violent policing, we stand with you.

To those in the underserved communities in New York, Detroit, New Orleans, and around our country who have suffered disproportionately from COVID largely because of centuries of racism, we stand with you.

To every person who has suffered from aggressive, violent, racist policing, and had to deal every day with the fear that they or a loved one might be the next victim, we stand with you.

To Color of Change, the NAACP, Equal Justice Initiative, Real Justice PAC, the New Georgia Project, and countless local organizations and candidates for office seeking to make the world a better place for all people, we stand with you.

To the people powering the amazing organizations and thoughtful candidates for office who focus on civil rights, educational and economic opportunity, policing, and criminal justice: we thank you for leading the way to make the world more humane and more just. As public opinion researchers, we’re honored to be able to hear your stories, learn from you, and amplify your voices.

To everyone protesting, organizing, building organizations to end systemic racism, running for office to enact fairer policies: we’re honored to work alongside you to find a better way forward, together.

We grieve together, and we are hopeful we can find a way forward together.

In partnership and solidarity

-The Change Research Team