Snapshot Polling

Move faster. Poll more often. Make smarter decisions.

Get fast answers with Snapshot.

Snapshot is a new, streamlined polling service designed for maximum speed and cost savings. Get a one-time read on your race, or track how things are shifting over time.

Results in 3-5 days. 

From contract to inbox in 3-5 days: get an overview of voter support, favorability, and top issues. 

An easier way to poll.

Eliminate the back-and-forth that usually comes with running a poll. No kickoff calls, no meetings—just results delivered to your inbox when you need them.

Get 3-4x more polls.

At approximately 1/3 of the cost of traditional polling, use Snapshot to poll more often and make end-of-cycle decisions with fresh data in hand.

Download examples of the survey, crosstabs, and results overview.

How it works

A pollster adjusts the standard Snapshot instrument for your district. The Change Research team keeps you updated via email. You get back a short, digestible report, and full crosstabs. 

Accurate, modern technology

Change Research finds voters where they are today—online—yielding a truly representative set of respondents and resulting in a better accuracy record than the New York Times in races where we both polled in 2018.

What’s different about Snapshot?

Unlike more expensive polling:

The pollster stays behind the scenes.

You get the results and analysis you need without adding another call to your calendar—or another cook in your kitchen. 

We’ve already designed the poll.

Snapshot polls use a standard instrument, adjusted for your district.

Unlike Do-It-Yourself polling or panels, Snapshot is:

  • Conducted by experts

  • Methodologically sound

  • Scientifically sampled

You’re in good company

Change Research works with forward-thinking candidates and organizations nationwide.

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