Senior Software Engineer

Change Research innovates to solve critically important problems at the intersection of data, social science, and politics. Since 2017, Change Research has been at the forefront of measuring public opinion. Candidates, causes, cities, and companies use our data to understand people’s needs, improve messaging, and accomplish their strategic goals.

As a Senior Software Engineer at Change Research, you will be uniquely positioned to have the code you write and the tools you build play a vital role in these decisions.

The Engineering and Data Science Team is building the next generation of our platform to enable rapid scaling, increased efficiency, and easier experimentation.  We’re working on some really interesting problems with data, social science, and politics. We need someone like you to help us.

Ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace where we learn from each other is core to our values. We invite folks with different backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives — our leadership team has a broad mix of professional backgrounds, from startups to political consulting, and from pure tech to Congressional staffing.  Black, indigenous and people of color, LGBTQ+ people, women, veterans, and people living with disabilities are encouraged to apply. We are an equal opportunity employer. We are currently accepting applications to join our engineering team. Join us.

About the role:

As a Senior Software Engineer at Change Research, you will play a vital part in building the software that keeps our polling operations running seamlessly, helps scale out our business operations, and helps us explore new markets.  You are curious, data-driven, team-oriented and a go-getter ready to take on a challenge. You are someone who knows when to step up and grab the reins and when to be a team player. You do this in an exceptionally organized and thoughtful way, conscious of ways you can contribute. You are able to evolve over time, driving your own impact and trajectory.

We are a team of engineers who are comfortable wearing multiple hats.  We are full-stack developers (backend/frontend) and “full-stack data” engineers (data pipelines and analytics and/or machine learning) and finally managers who code. 

As an engineer, you will:

  • Build
    • Work on and decide the direction of critical infrastructure, core pollsters tools, data pipelines and new product offerings.
    • Focus on building and shipping features to our clients and customers (pollsters) at a regular cadence.
    • Be empowered to own the entire lifecycle of a project, from helping define the initial product definition, scoping releases. and milestones, engineering, to finally testing and deployment and future vision setting.
  • Innovate
    • Try new things and not be afraid to fail; be able to re-adjust quickly based on new findings without burning too many resources.
    • Challenge the assumptions of our tools to find ways to make our polling even faster and more efficient.
    • Build new data products that DC has never seen before.
  • Communicate
    • Be the evangelist for your features and spread adoption.
    • Do your best to treat your teammates and co-workers with kindness and respect.
    • Document and train the cross-functional team on how to best use the software you’ve built to get more done.

Through it all, you’ll listen, think, communicate and execute in a way that considers the company and customer processes holistically. You care deeply about quality, problem solving and creativity. You are a team player.

About you:  

  • 5+ years of hands-on software engineering experience building full-stack web applications. Less time may be considered in certain circumstances.
  • Some experience or eagerness to learn our tech stack:
    • Docker and container orchestration
    • Python
    • FastAPI
    • GCP / BigQuery / Cloud Run
    • React/NextJs and Streamlit
    • Pandas
    • Redis
  • Some experience or interest in Data Engineering, Facebook Ads, and DevOps (e.g. code deployment, infrastructure management, secrets management, etc.)
  • Willingness to work with and help retire legacy code in AWS, MySQL and AirFlow.
  • Comfortable working directly with data scientists, pollsters, and other cross-functional teammates, able to work with a variety of personalities
  • Enthusiastic, professional, and kind
  • Startup-minded: you plug holes, get things done, feel comfortable pushing to define products, and think of ways to improve systems
  • When designing systems and writing code, you bias towards simplicity, usability, and readability over complexity.
  • Excited to be part of a team committed to making a difference in our country’s political climate

Compensation and work environment:  

This full-time, remote position pays an annual salary of $120,000-$160,000. It includes annual salary, equity, health, dental and vision insurance, commuter benefits, flexible PTO, and company holidays.

Our workplace is both casual and professional, and we are committed to learning, fun, and excellence. Everyone on our team works hard and is committed to the work we are doing, but we are flexible on the details of how, when, and where you work. The largest number of team members are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and Washington, DC. You must be authorized to work in the United States.