Magnify AI Targeting

Take the guesswork out of identifying your target audience

Target the right voters to win.


In order to win, it’s critical that you’re talking to the right people.

With Magnify AI Targeting, Change Research is making custom modeled targets, previously only available to the largest campaigns and organizations, available to everyone.


Use Magnify AI Targeting to: 

Identify and target persuadable voters 

Target ads, mail, and field based on which voters will find specific messaging most convincing


Model candidate, issue, or ballot measure support to optimize GOTV


Identify cross-pressured voters who hold different opinions than opposing candidates on key issues for targeted persuasion

Magnify AI Targeting is a groundbreaking and innovative new technology. Enabled by AI and drawing on Change Research’s database of 250,000,000 survey data points, it uniquely allows you to translate your already-affordable Change Research poll into accurate custom models and targeting scores with as few as 500 respondents. 

Magnify AI Targeting allows you to find the exact right voters that you need to reach—allowing you to maximize your resources and find the votes you need to win. 

Magnify AI targeting makes custom targeting affordable for the first time ever.

Available in districts with often as few as 50,000 registered voters
(and even fewer in some cases!) 

2024 Reed Awards Winner:
Most Innovative Product

Learn about our unprecedented accuracy

“The modeling helped effectively target voters who were otherwise left out of our data.

That was really exciting and I hadn’t had that opportunity before.”

– Claire Feinberg, Organizing Director, Franken for Iowa


Get the fact sheet 

Learn about Magnify AI Targeting:

  • How to use it: Understand different ways campaigns deploy modeled targets to eke out the votes they need to win.  

  • What makes it different: Learn how it works, why it’s less expensive than other custom models, and why it’s better than generic targeting scores. 

  • What our clients think: Hear from a recent client that used Change Research’s polling and modeled targets. 


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