Webinar: LGBTQ Rights and the Politicization of Education

Join Change Research CEO Nicole Bare, Senior Pollster Betsy App, and Embold Research Senior Pollster Kyla Ronellenfitsch for a discussion on the results of a new poll of 3197 registered voters nationwide, fielded between May 22-31, 2023. This presentation will unpack:

  • How does education stack up against other policy areas in terms of prioritization? 
  • What are voters’ reactions to the politicization of education generally and as it pertains to gender and sexuality issues? 
  • Do voters support or oppose a suite of anti-LGBTQ education policies. 
  • How parents of school-aged children think of these issues relative to other voters? 

The results have direct implications for school boards, governments, and political candidates trying to navigate this difficult terrain. We look forward to engaging in this important dialogue!